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Remy Ma “Wake Me Up” ft. Lil’ Kim Diss or Nah

The Track is HOTTTTTTT, but the Fans are barking…… What’s your thoughts on Remy Ma “Wake Me Up” ft. Lil’ Kim?

Jay Dot Deep- Word from the Wise

Boston born and Atlanta raised, Jay Dot Deep is taking the music industry by storm with his total package. Style, lyrics and truth are at the core of the Jay Dot Deep execution and the fans are enjoying all he has to offer.

With the release of his new track, “Word from the Wise,” Jay Dot Deep Had this to say:

“The song is just us as artists putting people on game about things we’ve learned in the midst of trying to be successful.”

Press play and get into this new release:

Zaddy aka Fa$t Life Announces “ATLANYC” Mixtape

We may be a little late, but you know when it comes to Zaddy we gotta keep you updated.

Fine ass Zaddy or, Fa$t Life as you all know him as has announced his new mixtape “ATLANYC!”  After receiving so much love and support from fans, blogs, podcasts, and radio stations he felt the time was right.


From his Exclusives on Hip Hop DX  with features from Riverdale legend Waka Flocka to others from sites SOHH  with production from the phenomenal producer Metro Boomin, Ed Weathers aka Fa$t Life is going full speed ahead and lives up to his name. With his catchy tunes like “Kick It” which premiered on 89.5 FM in St Louis to “Angel Dust” which premiered exclusively on Hip Hop Headquarters receiving over 58K plays on soundcloud, Fa$t Life is swiftly providing ammo each week.

With so many reviews and reactions to the Fa$t rising artist, Ed has knocked out many interviews with sites while killing the studio. His latest interviews come from Raw Roots, a podcast sit down with No Rhyme or Reason with hosts Icarus Gray and Wordplay TJ, and a phenomenal piece put together by writer and publicist Jasmine Osby over at TripleHQ. Fa$t Life is living up to his name, so be ready for the new mixtape coming this month.

Be sure to check out older gems with Future, Cyhi The Prince and Alley with song titled “After Party” and “Buy” with 2 Chainz and Pusha T.

***Ya’ll see how they name dropped everyone but TrueSlamBook, right??? Ooooooohhhhhhhh, they den fucked up now!!!!!*** #Shhhhhhh

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Netflix and Chill Butt Naked Nasty Style or Nah

See, you all let these artist get away with this stoopid ass music. We let them get away with Butt Naked Nasty or Nah. Someone, please get the reincarnation of Pretty with No Ricky.

Now they are back with Netflix and Chill.

Now, a few ladies on the team think it’s a cute track. However, who in da hell let these 13 years old likkle boyz come out talking about what’s about to go down, like they bout that? Then the girl in the view who’s father left her home alone, he know his daughter a hoe. She sittin there built like Buffy the Jr. Body.

No shade, they some cute youngins, but they just took what we use to love to do on a good Friday Night and made us hate it.

Tell us what you think!

Meek Mill “All I Wanna Do”

If you recall, a few days ago it was all about Nicki Minaj. The new cover. Her new show.  Barbershop 3. You remember, all the news worthy things that she’s up to. 

In other news, Meek was at home bored and wanting some attention so he drops this pointless song. Had it not been for Chris Brown it would have been a Sampler.  Why he couldn’t let Nicki get her shine on? 

In any case, until the next round of Monkey See Monkey Do, tell us what you think of the track!

Young Dolph vs. Yo Gotti

We will start by making it clear that we have NO PROOF on ANY of these advisories. This is strictly an “According to Legend” type of Post. Now no shade, you know Legend be sippin and spillin that Special Brew Dark Blend with Jasmine Blends Tea.

Young Dolph took to Instagram and clapped back at Yo Gotti!
As you can see from his post it’s going down in more than just the DM.
image Here is where it gets iffy! It’s no secret that Gotti is the King of Memphis. Recently, it has been alleged that he is also King of the South and doesn’t like people making too much noise in his territory.

In the past two days, Young Dolph has been on a music release spree. 9 hours ago, The Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Prince Mobs Around New York City in Latest Visual From King of Memphis Album:

Which lead to rave reviews. See for yourself,

“Young Dolph has cultivated that formula that makes the bando jump” – XXL

“What makes Dolph exemplary is his affinity for memorable hooks and catchy call-and-response punch lines” – Complex

One of the 9 Rappers You Need to Watch In 2015 – WatchLoud

One of the 15 Unsigned Rappers Who Should Get a Deal After SXSW – Complex

Top 10 Hip-Hop Cash Prince of 2016 – Forbes

As if that wasn’t enough, 24 hours ago, Young Dolph – “Let Me See It” (Prod. by Mike WiLL Made-It) hit the Internet and showcases the rapper Shouting Out His Favorite Strip Clubs Across the Country.

After 2 video releases and the album title bring “King of Memphis” you know something was going to shake.

However, just when you thought Young Dolph was going to ride it out and enjoy the success of his 2 video releases, he gets booked to SHUT DOWN SXSW:

Thursday, March 17th 12:30am – Young Dolph at Krave, 302 E 6th St (Webster Hall/Lose Control Present House Party)

Friday, March 18th 10:35pm – Austin Music Hall, 208 Nueces St (Bankroll Fresh Tribute Show presented by Beer & Tacos and Street Execs)

Saturday, March 19st 2:00am – Ibiza After Dark, 422 Congress Ave (EMPIRE/Beer & Tacos)

Oh yeah. It’s not a game. 3 Nights. But not just that. The 3 Hottest Nights on the Hottest Stages. We see why one would be mad. #WJS

In any case, with all the recent attention that Young Dolph has been drumming up its being said that Gotti is feeling a certain kind of way.

Flashback: you remember recently Gotti hit the road and made his docu-series. It was said that the expectation was that by the end of the tour Gotti would have dominated the Season.

Back to Reality: the tour was what it was. Gotti is still loved by many. However, when Younh Dolph ever sat at home and dropped 2 videos while he was still sleep and booked the 3 hottest stages at SXSW we know the hate was soon to come.

The truth of the matter is if you ain’t got no haters you ain’t Poppin. LoL! No but serious, we expect the hate from Young Thug. Not an OG like Yo Gotti.

Slambookers, we need you all to sound off and talk to us.

  1. Is Gotti hating?
  2. Is this a Media stunt?
  3. Can Dolph take the crown?