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Dru Hill is Back and the Fans are Talking

Dru Hill has released their new visual for “Favorite Time of the Year” and the fans are playing no games. This holiday themed visual is getting mixed reviews from the Dru Hill Lovers…

Before we show you the video, we must advise you that time has NOT been good to most of these members……… #TrueTea


Why is Sisqo still kicking and swinging like he trying out for a Jackie Chan movie?

Is there an Age Limit to when you can NO LONGER hit the “Yeet?”

Is it us, or is Woody missed dearly?

Why is the newest member so FINE and youthful? (and they are all close in age)

Is Nokia going for the David Banner effect?

Jazz……….. Dear sweet, Vocal Slating Jazz………. #WeWillStopThere

Overall, we love the song. The visual is a little bland for what we have grown to know and expect from Dru Hill. The vocals are still stellar. SisQo needs Botox. Nokia needs Just For Men. Jazz needs some Celery and Newbie needs to call us for a Date. LoL!

We love you Dru Hill…………..

***Did you all get into the comments under the video????***

Christmas in Baltimore

R&B Remix Tour: Bobby Brown, After 7 and Tony! Toni! Toné

Here we go again! Another Grandfather and Uncle Reunion Tour is upon us. Are we here for it?

Just because the New Edition movie did well doesn’t mean we are here for the Oldies but Goodies connection. However, for those who are here for it,

As a solo artist and member of New Edition, Bobby Brown has sold over 50 million records worldwide and received accolades with Grammy Awards, American Music Awards and a Lifetime Soul Train Music Award.

After 7 Makes ‘Timeless’ Return – First album in more than 20 years reunites the hitmaking group with Babyface. Two songs from After 7’s newly released album Timeless (eOne, Oct. 14) — “Let Me Know” and “I Want You” — have already placed in the top 10 and top 5, respectively, on the Adult R&B chart.

Tony! Toni! Toné! crashed out of their Oakland neighborhood in 1988 with their Gold debut album Who? which spawned the hit “Little Walter”. In 1990, to both critical and popular acclaim, their second album The Revival garnered four # 1 Billboard hits including “Feels Good,” “Whatever You Want,” “The Blues” and “It Never Rains (In Southern California)” and went Platinum. Tony! Toni! Toné!’s much anticipated 25th Anniversary album is due to be released later this year.

No word on the official kick off date but make sure you stay tuned to Ticketmaster if you are planning on going. Just tell us how it was.

Felixx is Backkkkkkk

The boy with the voice that makes the whole team wet is BACK!The Loud N Klear team has announced that you are now able to pre-order your copy! Playlist will also be available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and every other major streaming services TODAY! The project includes 4 smooth tracks; The One, Headboard, Heartbeat and All Night!

“I wanted to release a project that was true to who I am, not only as an artist, but as a person. Live instrumentation, raw vocals and a heavy influence of the music I was raised listening to!”

A classically trained singer with influential energy from Mozart, John Mayer, Calvin Richardson, Prince, Justin Timberlake and Miguel, the R&B crooner is one of the few artists today to make records incorporating live instrumentation and does so with convincing passion. His moniker, taken from his birth name Felix with the addition of an “x,” refers to his “Clark Kent” ability to effortlessly transition from one genre to another while remaining GQ smooth. Pre-Order “PLAYLIST” Now for $3.99 on iTunes

We didn’t get our sample copy as we usually do so we can’t give you a full review. The new PR girl Kaleal hired is slippin at her job. LoL! 

Nevertheless, for all information and updates on the Pantie Wetter, Felixx visit www.felixxmusic.com

#TSB Album Review: ‘A Seat at the Table’ by Solangé

After taking a few years away from the spotlight, Solange comes back with a boom, a bang, and a pow. 

Hitting the consumers with 51 minutes of pure musical magic and harmonious pleasantries we were introduced to ‘A Seat at the Table.” A 21 piece tracklist personally structured by Solange herself, we are introduced to her recent mood, views, feelings and more via:

  1. Rise
  2. Weary
  3. Interlude: The Glory is in You
  4. Cranes in the Sky
  5. Interlude: Dad was Mad
  6. Mad feat. Lil Wayne
  7. Don’t You Wait
  8. Interlude: Tina Taught Me
  9. Don’t touch my Hair feat. Sampha
  10. Interlude: This Moment
  11. Where Do We Go
  12. Interlude: For Us By Us
  13. F. U. B. U. feat. The Dream and BJ The Chicago Kid
  14. Borderline (An Ode to Self Care)
  15. Interlude: I got so much magic, you can have it feat. Kelly Rowland and Nia Andrews
  16. Junie
  17. Interlude: No Limits
  18. Don’t Wish Me Well
  19. Interlude: Pedestals
  20. Scales feat. Kelela
  21. Closing: The Chosen Ones

The album opens with the soft melodic sounds of Rise. As always Solange captivates you with her smooth harmonies, perfect inflections and story based lyrics. As you continue on the project, you are taken on a journey. One of self recognition, survivor power, life lessons, and most of all purpose. 

Towards the end of the project, Solange brings Master P. of No Limit into the story with his own story. Allowing P to express his story and reasonings, Solange adds a soundtrack to the story by pick up musically where the story begins to fade. 

Teaching the power in No Limit you find out the meaning of Drive, Struggle and the will to Persevere. The combination of Master P. and Solange provides a mystical journey into power and control combined with self love and drive. The epic blend is such a powerful force that you wonder to yourself if Solange did this on purpose given the current standings of black lives in America. 

Though this project is not heavy with too many features, Solange has just enough with the perfect people. Needless to say, she knows who she works well with. 

#TSB Favorites:

  • Weary: Smooth. Easy Listening. Powerful message.
  • Mad: 90’s feel. Aaliyah vibe. Expressatory track. Relatable for the stories of the team. Great harmonies. Not too heavy while carrying a heavy message.
  • Don’t Touch My Hair: Epic translation of the Power in a Hair Du. 
  • Interlude: No Limit: Inspiring. Powerful. Truth. 

This is a TrueSlamBook certified project. It gets an overall score of 10/10. Solange has yet again outdone herself. More importantly, she has provided the black race with hope, inspiration, and reason at a time when the Nation is divided and the message is being carried that “Black Lives Matter!”

Netflix and Chill Butt Naked Nasty Style or Nah

See, you all let these artist get away with this stoopid ass music. We let them get away with Butt Naked Nasty or Nah. Someone, please get the reincarnation of Pretty with No Ricky.

Now they are back with Netflix and Chill.

Now, a few ladies on the team think it’s a cute track. However, who in da hell let these 13 years old likkle boyz come out talking about what’s about to go down, like they bout that? Then the girl in the view who’s father left her home alone, he know his daughter a hoe. She sittin there built like Buffy the Jr. Body.

No shade, they some cute youngins, but they just took what we use to love to do on a good Friday Night and made us hate it.

Tell us what you think!

Ray-J gets Put On Blast…. Gay and Slay!!!!!

Bih….. The Tea began to boil over in the pot. When that happened they attempted to get a wrag and clean it up. However, you know there’s always a trace left when it comes to the world of the World WIDE Web.

The other day the below post was posted and then removed within a 10 minute time span. Get into the post before we give you the crumpets to go with this tea.

1 2 3

Hunniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, if that isn’t the Entire Kettle. Whew…. Now, We ain’t one to talk about nobody but based on the individuals we have called… (cough, cough)


First off: I’m mad he got turned out bad during the Never Say Never days. I guess he felt like Never Say Never.

Second: Based on perception, the money would have been put on Young Buck being the TOP. However, we do know that these Fake Thugs do be bottoming for the Gurlssssss…. Just ask Shauna Brooks about those teas……


Third: Who else has Teaira been a beard for?

Fourth: Not Pleasure P….. We still wanna grind with him.. Ooh chile…

Fifth: Can we see the Gay Extasy footage? Was it as good as the Kim K. tape??? Cuz you know Ray J got MEAT for the LYFE…….

Last but not least……. Why did this post get deleted from IG????????