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#TSB Review: Cayler and Sons: Black Label Collection Review

With Fashion being such a trending topic lately, we had to get in sync with the recent Cayler and Sons shoot.

They happened to catch us while we were in town and reached out with an open invite. Usually, we don’t accept private invites as people will be able to know who we are (you know some people be mad at us for telling them the truth), however, this time we made an exception.

In any case, “Always on top” is the Black Label philosophy and Cayler & Sons (Created by true Heads for true Heads. ) is representing it with every style. For the current collection the new CSBL branding is the most effecting change, as CSBL will be used for the new designs and graphics.

The Fall/Winter 16 Season features fashionable styles in different colourways and designs. Most of the styles are in black, white, grey, olive or sand as these are the on trend colors this season.

Different sweatpants, from knit fabric to mesh are part of the CSBL Fall/Winter 16 collection.

As always, true to their origin, Cayler & Sons designed a lot of new snapbacks that are complementing the fashion approached Black Label.

The Cayler & Sons Fall/Winter 16 collection is available at their online shop and selected retailers worldwide

In case you are drawing a blank, you may know the name from seeing Cayler and sons on 50 Cent, Sean Paul & Chris Brown recently.

Overall, this collection is perfect for the Fall. The color palate is one that can transcend seasons and allow for continual wear. The style aesthetic used provides a street feel with polished character. After a full review, we give it the TrueSlamBook.com Seal of Approval with a grade of 7.95/10.

Get into the looks and tell us what you think!

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Penn Sport Announces, AW16 collection exclusively available at FootAsylum

We all love us some Fashion. Especially GOOD Fashion. A name that is no stranger to Hott Releases has announced their new collection which releases via FootAsylum on September 16th, 2016.

Penn Sport USA brings classic American sportswear style to the UK. Founded in Pennsylvania in 1910, over 100 years later Penn is relaunching with a fresh collection of cool, relaxed urban fashion for a new generation with a new demographic of people. Penn Sport aims to have an organic impact in an arena where they already have so much history.

Penn Sports current yet classic sportswear collection includes pieces such as T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tracksuits, Caps faand Jackets in timeless silhouettes and colour ways of black, blues, fiery red and optic white. The collection will be exclusively available in FootAsylum Stores as of the 16th of September.

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Get into the EXCLUSIVE #TSB Approved Preview: It’s All TRUTH, we LOVE the Collection.

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