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Zaddy aka Fa$t Life Announces “ATLANYC” Mixtape

We may be a little late, but you know when it comes to Zaddy we gotta keep you updated.

Fine ass Zaddy or, Fa$t Life as you all know him as has announced his new mixtape “ATLANYC!”  After receiving so much love and support from fans, blogs, podcasts, and radio stations he felt the time was right.


From his Exclusives on Hip Hop DX  with features from Riverdale legend Waka Flocka to others from sites SOHH  with production from the phenomenal producer Metro Boomin, Ed Weathers aka Fa$t Life is going full speed ahead and lives up to his name. With his catchy tunes like “Kick It” which premiered on 89.5 FM in St Louis to “Angel Dust” which premiered exclusively on Hip Hop Headquarters receiving over 58K plays on soundcloud, Fa$t Life is swiftly providing ammo each week.

With so many reviews and reactions to the Fa$t rising artist, Ed has knocked out many interviews with sites while killing the studio. His latest interviews come from Raw Roots, a podcast sit down with No Rhyme or Reason with hosts Icarus Gray and Wordplay TJ, and a phenomenal piece put together by writer and publicist Jasmine Osby over at TripleHQ. Fa$t Life is living up to his name, so be ready for the new mixtape coming this month.

Be sure to check out older gems with Future, Cyhi The Prince and Alley with song titled “After Party” and “Buy” with 2 Chainz and Pusha T.

***Ya’ll see how they name dropped everyone but TrueSlamBook, right??? Ooooooohhhhhhhh, they den fucked up now!!!!!*** #Shhhhhhh

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Ray-J gets Put On Blast…. Gay and Slay!!!!!

Bih….. The Tea began to boil over in the pot. When that happened they attempted to get a wrag and clean it up. However, you know there’s always a trace left when it comes to the world of the World WIDE Web.

The other day the below post was posted and then removed within a 10 minute time span. Get into the post before we give you the crumpets to go with this tea.

1 2 3

Hunniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, if that isn’t the Entire Kettle. Whew…. Now, We ain’t one to talk about nobody but based on the individuals we have called… (cough, cough)


First off: I’m mad he got turned out bad during the Never Say Never days. I guess he felt like Never Say Never.

Second: Based on perception, the money would have been put on Young Buck being the TOP. However, we do know that these Fake Thugs do be bottoming for the Gurlssssss…. Just ask Shauna Brooks about those teas……


Third: Who else has Teaira been a beard for?

Fourth: Not Pleasure P….. We still wanna grind with him.. Ooh chile…

Fifth: Can we see the Gay Extasy footage? Was it as good as the Kim K. tape??? Cuz you know Ray J got MEAT for the LYFE…….

Last but not least……. Why did this post get deleted from IG????????

Scrappy vs. William

Lil’ Scrappy isn’t exactly a Wendy Williams fan. Scrappy believes she’s out to destroy and go against her own people. He brought up the fact that she had negative comments to say about Missy Elliott, the Married To Medicine cast, Bill Cosby and others. Lil’ Scrappy claims she bashes blacks but praises all of the other races. Scrappy says,

“Love u cause you’re black but hate the way u act.”

Some fans sided with Lil’ Scrappy as they pointed out all of the negativity on her show. Other fans brought Scrappy up-to-date by reminding him that Wendy has been talking sh*t about people for 20 plus years, and she doesn’t discriminate with her hate and shade. Well unfortunately for Lil’ Scrappy and those that feel the same, Wendy’s contract has been renewed through 2022.


Is Hakeem Gay or Nah????? YESSSSSSSSSSS


Over the weekend there was so much Tea that took place. The one that of course took us by storm was the one about ole FINE ass Yazzzzzzzzzzzz from Empire aka Hakeem.

Okay, according to Media Take Out:

CHILE . . Look Who Was Photo’d UP IN THE GAY CLUB IN ATLANTA Yesterday . . . Chile We Knew When We FIRST SAW HIM On Empire . . . There Was A Lil TWANG TO HIM!!!

Yazz, a.k.a. Hakeem from Empire, was up in a popular Atlanta Gay Club last night. He was put ON BLAST by cross-dressing Instagram star Donth8tae. Cant say we’re all that surprised.

We suspected it all along. . . .

BTW – this is the dude that he was with in the club.


Now #NoShade, this lil boy is Fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and I can def see him being Yaz’s type. I just wanna know. Based on what we see of Hakeem, who’s the Bottom or are the both Verse?????

On another note, I need to see the pictures of him and Yaz in the club. I heard they exist so I need to see them LIVE and DIRECT……


Okay Bish. We need to TALK… Haaaay Beyonce

Now as I’m sure you know by now Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce performed at the Stellar Awards in Vegas over the weekend. Now, mind you we get a call Monday and the Shade was REAL….. Before we spill it, catch up.

Now Gurl, is it US or did Kellys baby take away a few octaves??? Though we can’t hit a note to save our lives we know what it SHOULD sound like when you are trying to hit some range. Chile those sounds were sounds of the LOST Ranger.

Second, Haaaaay Kelly. No Shade but who told you it was okay to wear pregnancy hair to the awards? Now bytch, I know you excited cuz you finally got some hang time and all, but you def needed a touch-up, a touch on and a touchdown, Okay. That hair was so PUFFY and THICK. Then did you really just swing it like you was in the Pantene Pro-V commercial????? Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllllll, just cause you seen J-Lo in the new commercials don’t mean your a candidate for the next draft.

Third, why was the audience so SHADY????? Did you catch the Teas when the ‘clapped’ for Michelle? Then when they seen Queen Bey they ‘CLAPPED IN THE NAME OF YES GAWDDDDDDD.’ #IJS

Last but not Least…….. Haaaaaaaay Michelle! Can someone order Michelle some of that Go Naked Hair from Porscha Williams? Cuz the way them bundles was looking……….. They needed a Nap. Call them Sleepy Bundles……

Nevertheless, the performance was very enjoyable. We Love you Ladies……



@DaronFrom112 with his Fine Ass, has the #Ladies Moist for Christmas……

Now here at #TSB you know we can be very superficial at times. With this said, you know when it comes to a man as #FINE as Daron (Listen how it rolls off your tongue, Darrrrrrooonnn. Ooh, I got a chill)  I know imagesall of us are familiar with his Vocals, Runs, Looks, and Body. Standing member of Iconic R&B Group 112. Known for such tracks as “Cupid” “Never Mind” “Love Me feat. Mase” and more. Daron was always, that Warm Brown complection having, Smooth Skin possessing, Body for the GAWDZ member that you got lost in while looking at the videos. (Q who? #Oop #NoShade)

With almost 2 Decades of Love Making, Baby Making, Mood Setting Music under his belt, we now get to see a new side from Daron Jones. (We’re fine with the Old Side….) Daron Jones is one of the co-founders of the group 112 and has always been a #FanFav amongst the base forever and a day. This Holiday Season, Daron decided to give the fans an added enjoyment to go along with their Holiday Cheer. (Fukk the Cheer. I want Daron to Sannngggggggg) Hitting us with “Christmas in Atlanta,” (Why Christmas had to be in Atlanta?) Daron Jones is reminding us ALL why his solo debut album was entitled “Uncensored.” (Catch It! I Caught it. Now, what we at #TSB plan to do with it is another story.)


Christmas In Atlanta” isn’t just your normal Holiday Album. (Thank Goodness. Leave that to Mariah and Dondria.) This seduction filled, mood setting, Holiday memory making project is one not meant for less than a Freak Population. (We said it.) The lead single, entitled “Baby For Christmas” would make the ladies want to know what is for Christmas? (Hold please, while I unwrap the….. Oh, back to business.)

Mixing a hint of holiday cheer with smooth r&b tones Daron gives you something you put on after the children are asleep, the visiting relatives are gone and he can slide all up in and through it. (Ummmm) I hope Santa doesn’t come down the chimney while this track is playing, cuz babeeeeeeeeeeee it’ll be a true Hoe, Hoe, Hoe……. Oop! On Prancer.

As you prepare for the holidays and look for those last minute gift ideas that put the icing on the cake, make sure this album is on the list.

#TSB fam enjoy this Official Video to #BabyForChristmas from Deron:

Make sure you keep up with Daron and that Vocal Seduction: