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Remy Ma “Wake Me Up” ft. Lil’ Kim Diss or Nah

The Track is HOTTTTTTT, but the Fans are barking…… What’s your thoughts on Remy Ma “Wake Me Up” ft. Lil’ Kim?

Remy Ma Murders Minaj

As we aren’t one to takes sides as we can only tell the truth. In the world of Clap Backs, NYC Female Emcee Remy Ma has taken the Title. In her new track SHether she claps back at Nicki Minaj for her recent shots thrown during her verse on “Make Love” by Gucci Mane.

Now, there are many versions as to what started the whole hoopla, however, it no longer even matters as Remy has bodied Nicki in a way that many feel there can be no comeback from.

In case you haven’t caught up yet, press play below to hear Remy Ma “SHether” which is the same beat that Nas murdered Jay-Z on….. No Shade!

Remy Man, I mean Ma is Aggy for this one.


So, you know the pictures of the Queen Bee Lil Kim and Remy Ma-n hit the web the other day and the fans went in. Now, I’m all for the Sisterhood of Female Rappers but I just feel like Remy being real phony.

Based on the Instagram post Remy had been trying to find the pics for days and was unsuccessful. Mind you now girl! You Remy Ma and couldn’t nobody in your camp call Kim or Noah and ask for the damn pics? I mean for all that Bish you coulda tweeted her. #TrueTea.


Now, Kim gonna show Remy madddddddd love and shytt and that’s def what Real Bytches do. However, you know TrueSlamBook.com keeps it 100. I feel that if Remy would have been with Nicki first, then bumped into Kim it would have been a whole nother kind of meet and greet due to Remy being PHONY. #NoShade but, is it me or is Remy giving off Groupie teas since she been home??????? #IJS


The notorious picture that started it all. Lil Kim is Serving up a good dish of Bangy Cunt Barbie Doll Realness. While, Remy Ma-n is serving up ButchQueen Up In Drag the Chopped Effect. Ughhhhhhhhhh, she is hella annoying. I don’t see why my boo Papoose stayed with him. I mean her. All he had to do was slide on out when she was in jail for being stoopid. Now I’m not one to not hold a person down, but she got locked up cuz she wanted to Flex. Well Flex yo ass Single then. Haaaaaaaaaay Papoose!!!!!!

All in all I must ask: Do you think Remy is sincere with the post she put in IG?


So, She REALLY Think She can Come Back????? Gurl BYE!!!!!!

All I gotta say is this past weekend was Filled with So Much!!!!! This Submission had us All in Tears, so we had to share it with you. We all have been hearing the word on the beat about Female Emcee Remy Ma (Remy Ma Bio) Coming back to the Game upon her Upcoming Release from Jail!

Well this Video has come back to the Surface!!!!!!

Now tho this video is somewhat old, the post from the weekend is on a whole nother level!!!!! Check out what this IG page had to say:

Post from someones IG page that set the "Can she Come Back" convo into a Stir!
Post from someones IG page that set the “Can she Come Back” convo into a Stir!

Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, This is the whole TRUTH and Nothing but the TRUTH. Let’s state the Facts:

Remy Ma was Sentenced to 8 Years (Remy Ma Catch Up) which started in 2007. This puts us on Year 7 of 8. Since then, Nicki Minaj (Nicki on Twitter) has re-defined Female Rap for Pop Culture (to a degree), Lil Kim (Lil Kim on Twitter) is Still the Queen, Azealia Banks (Azealia on Twitter) is a In-Da-Streets Rap Phenom, Iggy Azaela (Iggy on Twitter) is beginning a new Campaign that is of a Mega Caliber and then there is Remy. With all this said can Remy hit the Studio upon Release?????

One thing for sure, two things for certain, Remy Ma has Bars and no one can take that away from her. However considering the drastic change in Pop Culture and Music overall in the time she has been gone leads one to wonder if she can make a come back. Let’s call a spade a spade, she looks a mess. Her style was never there. She is viewed as one of the homies. The crew she was with Terror Squad (Terror Squad Roster), where dey been? I mean No Shade but, Fat Joe den got Skinny! Cuban Link den missed a Link! Tony Sunshine den met the Moon! Triple Seis, Who? Huh? Ummmm, Yeah Exactly. And, DJ Khaled, I mean he got his whole “We Da Best Movement!” Oh yeah, Prospect and Armageddon, do they ever count? I mean, Really! There isn’t even nobody to ride off of unless Khaled decides to be Nice, which I doubt!

So how bout in all fairness, I went to the old Terror Squad website of Terrsquad.net which now Links you to Motown…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!! You don’t even have a Domain Anymore….. To be nice I googled and came up with (Terror Squad Archive) which hasn’t been updated since 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Night! Good Day! No Way! And, Close Curtain! Baby, there is no current record of your Squad. The Domain Name is GONE and the last item dropped was in 2004. Not only is your Career an Archive so is all it was Attached to…… My advice, get out, ask Nicki for a Feature and see what Traction you can get from that….

Not to say She can’t Come Back! But it will Take DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Tyler Perry, Oprah, T.I, Iggy, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Justin Beiber, MTV, BET, TvOne, RevoltTV, Puffy Mike Will Made It, Beyonce’, Jay Z, Blue Ivy, North West, Kanye, and a Prayer of all Prayers for that Come Back to Pop Off!!!!!!! What do you Think?