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***ADULT CONTENT*** Boonk Beats da Puzzy Up!

Tami Roman went in on Boonk Gang for his impromptu sex video done via his Instagram Story recently. And it was a kiiii. LoL!

Though the intimate session got his page deleted, it had the fans in an uproar. Did you see it? We did!

Boonk Gang

Some wanted the Dick, Some wanted to suck the Dick. However, there were those who felt his stroke was wack.

What are your thoughts?

Dexx is in Flexx Mode

Texas based artist, Dexx Almighti has been making some noise with his recent release entitled “DexxTape!”

Well, off the record there have been rumors going around about an alleged sex tape. According to the story, Dexx was filmed while getting bobble from a female. Some see she set it up to gain notiarity off his name. Others say his cloud was hacked and the video stolen. 

Whatever the case may be, we are here for what this video may have to offer when it surfaces. In the meantime, someone sent us some personal pics from their Snapchat convo with Dexx. 

Ladies, are you liking his new fronts?? According to a few of the TSB interns they say Dexx has that baby face that looks innocent which usually means he’s the freaky type……. Hmmmmmmm

We will keep you posted on if this tape surfaces. In the meantime, check Dexx out at, www.OfficialDexx.com

Stevie J. and The Gay Sextape **Explicit Content**

We tried to stay out of this hoopla of rumors but it has taken on a life of its own. Fist things first, we HAVE seen the video. All 00:00:22 seconds of the leak. The video is NOT Stevie J. whosoever proclaimed it to be him should be slapped. 
On another note, we recently caught up with an inside source because we wanted to know how Stevie was reacting to the matter. Sources tell us that Stevie laughed at it as he knew no such video existed so he was never worried. Furthermore, in all honesty the guy in the video looks NOTHING like the notorious hit maker. This was a true definition of Hoopla. 

Below you can see the porn star known as Knockout who was actually in the video. Granted they may look somewhat alike if you squint your eyes and turn your head real quick side to side, however, they are not close enough for mistaken identity. Stevie J. looks like a Rat and Knockout looks like a Yorkie. 

Do you think they look alike?

However, they both are packing that meat.  

Stevie J’s alleged Dick Pic


What’s your take?’

@IggyAzalea Sets the Record Straight!!!!! You Mad?


The Metro UK just dropped the report in relation to the alleged Iggy Azalea Sex Tape! In case you missed it Click Here to catch up!

Based on the alleged story from Porn King Steven Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment, he advises that the tape in which he possess of Iggy engaged in sexual activity is one that could compete against the Kim. K and Ray J video!!!

Iggy hit Twitter and Served for BLOOD:


Okay Ms. Iggy!!!!!!

I still wanna know! If Ms. Iggy had a Sex Tape out there, do we think it could go up against Kim-ye?? Also, would it impact her Career in  a Negative way?