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Trevis Romell: Fine, Grown, and Freaky

Trevis Romell with his fine ass is back at it and ready to shut Omarion down. With the recent release of “Here Goes Nothing,” Trevis hits you with 7 tracks which represent his Growth as a Man, Artist, and Freak to the Core. LoL!

This body of work is truly one to be enjoyed. Pressing play, you are introduced to “I Will.” With this track Trevis lays the foundation for the females as to the type of man he is and all that he WILL do. 

On a personal, we give this project a 9 out of 10. Trevis Romell has hit us with,

  • Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Freakyness
  • Mature Music
  • An all around Eargasmic experience

This is truly a project made for the ladies. Truth is, he made a few of us Wettttttttt. His new TrueSlamBook Name is Trevis “Make You Splash” Romell. Shhhhhhhhhh!

Get into Trevis’s new project and let us know what you think.

Trevis Romell
Trevis Romell “Here Goes Nothing”

Temi “Lock & Key”

Temi is back at it with his fine ass, and we are here for all he has to offer…. Can you say Chocolate at its FINEST!!!!!!

Born in Nigeria, raised in Toronto, Ontario this international superstar, Témi (Pronounced Tay-Me) has hit the ground running with his smooth appeal and powerful vocals. He brings the Pop/R&B sound with a new age feel. Témi hit the scene in 2014 solo with his EP, “Intro II A New Beginning.” He has released four hit singles including, “Brick By Brick,” Fire,” “Alright” and “Love It.”

His new single, Lock & Key will make you fall in love with love, all over again. Off of his soon to be released Spring of 2017 EP called, Tame Me. Témi’s talented past and bright future will keep him on your radar for many years to come.


Calico Jonez Releases “LEAVING THIS CLUB” Featuring Snoop Dogg & DavidGray

The true tea is that all of our interns want to fuck Calico. Word on the street is that his dick is as good as his bars. You know we gets all the dish. 
The ladies say that Calico has a stroke so mean all you can do is lay there when he’s done. Furthermore, they say that a night with him is truly a NIGHT of pure pleasure. Chileeeeeeeee, we need to go to the next concert and take a number. #Truth

The release went out last week and reads as follows:

Consistency, dedication and determination are what to expect from Calico Jonez of SODMG / Swishgang. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, his new single “Leaving This Club” featuring Hip Hop veteran Snoop Dogg and newcomer David Gray, a R&B & Pop singer/songwriter from Mount Vernon, New York and the most recent artist to sign with “SWISHGANG”. The Track is produced by The Nominees and is set to impress as it illustrates finding love in the club and treating your lady to the finer things.Make sure to get Calico Jonez’s “Louboutin” 

#BlueBottomEdition mixtape out now on LiveMixtapescom and on MyMixtapez.com (http://mixtz.me/SeK53dd) as well as online retailers. The mixtape features Young Scooter, Rae Sremmurd, Soulja Boy, David Gray, PeeWee LongWay, Bleu Davinci and OJ Da Juiceman along with Snoop Dogg just to name a few. For more updates follow @CalicoJonez on Instagram, @Calico_Jonez on Twitter and log on to CalicoJonezWorld.com.

Link In and tell us what you think. 

Whats the return of Investment on Sexism?


Its not too often that we here at TrueSlamBook pick a side on anything,  we are taught to be informed yet impartial. However, this hit me hard! A few days ago I was having a Production meeting with my team. We were discussing a few upcoming projects we are about to embark upon. During this conversation we began to look at who we wanted to bring on board to aide in the completion. I told my assistant to find me aome female candidates as I didn’t want a team full of men.

Upon submission of resumes I ended up with 47 resumes, 32 from Males and 15 from Females. My mouth hit the floor. As i began to inquire about the results I was told that fhere just werent a lot of females in the Production Field! I called Bullshit and refused to take that as an answer.

I reached out to some of my personal contacts and begin to dig further. To my luck while reviewing Entertainment Weekly this week I stumble upon a page that blew my mind!


As you can imagine this got me excited. I began to pull some stats and found some interesting statistics in Jezebel.


I was boggled by such and just had to write about it. We fight for so many rights and forms of justice but why does Sexism seem to be the one that is so present yet rarely addressed?


I have to truly start a movement! A movement where sexism is void and equality is real. We fight for the rights of minorities, gays, animals, forest, and every other thing else someone feels strongly about.  Today I start my stance to work towards a better tomorrow and that begins with making sexism a thing of the past in all things I do.

Salute to the Women who fight against the injustice and succeed. Salute to the Women who stand up for their beliefs. Most of all, Salute to the Women who know there Value and Refuse to let someone think lesser of them due to Gender!

Gender is NOT a Handicap it’s a Chromosome Identity!

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