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PresentedBy Presents: Enzo Amore

Presentedby wanted to create a go-to place for sneakerheads as well as to showcase London’s unique sneaker culture. ‘We didn’t just want to create a sneaker store, we wanted to create the ultimate sneaker store in the world’s most popular city, which meant not only having the most sought-after sneakers ranging from £100 – £1000,000 ($119.24-$1192.43), and offering an *interest free credit facility for sneakers, but also having the world’s ultimate sneaker cleaning brand’s presence within the store; Crep Protect.

Enzo AmoreWWE Crusierweight Champion Enzo Amore is known for his love of sneakers and his no holds barred sense of style. Naturally, Presentedby and Enzo were a match made in heaven, with Enzo blown away by the store’s contents as well as the depth of sneaker culture knowledge shown by the staff.


Q. Parker and the Birthday Gift from #TSB

In other news, today was an Instagram scroll day. This means that the entire team was up and down our Timelines trying to find the Highlights of the Day. What better than a Birthday?????

One of the members of the famed group 112 had a birthday and the other group members were posting pics and spreading Birthday Wishes. To our luck, we scrolled across this:


I swear we didn’t want to be petty but this picture just kept looking at us. Can you please explain to us why the photographer couldn’t shade in the bottom of Q. Parker’s shoes????? No shade, but if you have on a $1500 suit, you can at least, rent a shoe for the shoot.

Sitting there lookin like he got on the Easter Sunday shoes from 2015. The amount he saved on socks he could have spent on Soul Refresher.


With the spirit of giving in mind on his special day. From all of us here as TrueSlamBook.com, we Wish Q. Parker a very Happy Birthday. Here’s our gift:

A__51316.1447876113.750.750Fiebing’s Sole Edge and Heel Polish – Black



Product Description

Easy roll-on applicator polishes and restores scuffed heels and sole edges.

  • This new form is effective on both leather and rubber soles and heels.
  • The unique, user-friendly package allows for heat and easily application.