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Stevie J. and The Gay Sextape **Explicit Content**

We tried to stay out of this hoopla of rumors but it has taken on a life of its own. Fist things first, we HAVE seen the video. All 00:00:22 seconds of the leak. The video is NOT Stevie J. whosoever proclaimed it to be him should be slapped. 
On another note, we recently caught up with an inside source because we wanted to know how Stevie was reacting to the matter. Sources tell us that Stevie laughed at it as he knew no such video existed so he was never worried. Furthermore, in all honesty the guy in the video looks NOTHING like the notorious hit maker. This was a true definition of Hoopla. 

Below you can see the porn star known as Knockout who was actually in the video. Granted they may look somewhat alike if you squint your eyes and turn your head real quick side to side, however, they are not close enough for mistaken identity. Stevie J. looks like a Rat and Knockout looks like a Yorkie. 

Do you think they look alike?

However, they both are packing that meat.  

Stevie J’s alleged Dick Pic


What’s your take?’

Here MiMi and Goosey go with this BULLSHYTT. 

Love & War Hip Hop is Backkkkkkkkk……

In case you haven’t heard yet, VH1 released the news on 03/23/15 stating, “Last season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ended with a civil meeting between Stevie J and Mimi Faust so what could be next for the former couple? In the first tease from the fourth season, we discover that things have long soured between Mimi and Nikko and it might just take Stevie J to scare him away. Don’t miss the season four’ premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Monday, April 20th at 8/7c!”

Now, you know I’m not one to talk about nobody, however, I’ll make an exception this one time. I was in Wal-Mart the other day with BlacKenDoll and we happened to see Nikko. Babeeeeee, when I tell you he was looking late, tired and TORN in the name on No’Maam. Mind you, this will make the third time this quarter I have seen him and his appearance looking less than off.


Don’t get me wrong, we all have our days, but for a person who built their Brand (not) off of an image they are suppose to be on 1000 at all times. I digress. Now, MiMi, hey MiMi, No shade, you know I live for me some MiMi but I am so tired of this soft voice tired emotion character. I know my gurlfriend gets buck with her on que crying ass. nikkoretu

You ain’t heard nothing from me, but Babeeeeeeeeeeee, wait til you see what happens at the ….. between MiMi and ….. #Oops. Let me be quiet.

Tell me this, will you be Tuned In?

Pick a Side….