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Battle of the Blogging Bytches

Chileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, let the Tea begin to Brew. Recently, as we were scrolling through twitter we came across the story, “Blogger Beef: ATLien Michelle Brown vs Funky Dineva” by Cypher Avenue. Babeeeeeeeeeeeee, in case you missed it. I need you to review his perfectly crafted Non-Bias post.

Bless his heart for that post. However, we here at #TSB believe that the truth shall set one free so we tell it how it is. With that said, SHE STARTED it with this:

Upon reading this information we hit up Funky Dineva online and came across this video of Tea SPILLING.

Now, allow us to give it to you like this. Though we do not take sides as the entire team knows both parties involved in the matter, here is the True Slam.

  • Michelle-ATLien-Brown-Funky-Dineva-060412Michelle is a sweetheart. She is a person who yearns to be loved and loves to be the center of love. She isn’t one who is easy to infiltrate as she is very standoffish if you are not a part of her circle. However, once you are in her circle she is a warm spirit.
  • Funky Dineva is just what the doctor ordered. He is sweet, charming, funny as hell and a lover of life. He speaks to everyone and treats everyone with equal respect.

On the flip side

  • Michelle acts as tho she is better than most. Her standoffish ways can really make it seem as if she has a “Better Than You” complex. She has lost a lot of weight and looks amazing but it is clear that her self-esteem isn’t that of a higher level.
  • On a personal note, Michelle presents a “Need Me” aura. She tends to hang with those who she feels she can either dominate or they will be very loyal to her and she won’t have any competition from any of their other friends.
  • Funky Dineva is known to be a recreational drug user. In all fairness, it’s 2016 so he who is without sin cast the first stone. Exactly! Love him down and we have seen him lit, however, we have not ever seen him to a point where he is out of control or not handling his business.images
  • Funky Dineva is a pleaser, he tends to want to keep those he loves happy. This is what gets him into such situations. He will put himself to the side and tend to his friends, ie: helping Michelle with her headache knowing the rent she was requesting was too fukken high for what he was getting.
  • No shade, we have been to the townhouse a few times and the floors have always looked like 12 years as a Slave. The rugs Dineva put down and the Murphys Oil Soap he used helped to hide a lot, but chile she know she needed them floors done. The place was cute, but certainly not worth more than $900.00 a month.

One of the interns made a point, they stated that if it was all about business why is it that Michelle seems so salty towards Funky Dineva?

With reference to the video that Dineva posted. Chleeeeeeeeeeeeee, if the TEA was not brewing the fuck out of the pot.

  1. Hate to admit it but most of the team believes it ALL. EVERY word he said.
  2. Why did we just sit here and play Dr. Google? When he EVER focused so much on her Fishy Poom. We need to find out if she has “Trimethylaminuria
    1. What is fish odor syndrome (trimethylaminuria)? Trimethylaminuria is a disorder in which the body is unable to break down trimethylamine, a compound derived from the diet that has a strong odor of rotting fish.
    2. What causes fish odor syndrome (trimethylaminuria)? Although gene mutations account for most cases of trimethylaminuria, the condition can also be caused by other factors. A fish-like body odor may result from an excess of certain proteins in the diet or from an increase in bacteria that normally produce trimethylamine in the digestive system. A few cases of the disorder have been identified in adults with liver or kidney disease. Temporary symptoms of this condition have been reported in a small number of premature infants and in some images (2)healthy women at the start of menstruation
  3. Bishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  4. Kudos to Dineva for the Apology to Sheree. She deserved it because he had dragged her through the MUD in the name of reading. However, look who was at the root of it.

Slambookers, we have to ask you………

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