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Tamar Braxton takes to Instagram to Apologize to Tiny!

Hey Slammers. It’s time to dish and sip. So, let’s get to it!

Earlier today, Tamar Braxton took to Instagram to lay her soul on the line in reference to the ongoing doohickey between her and Tiny. Now! No shade, No tea. Was this really the best approach??Tamar BraxtonTamar BraxtonTamar BraxtonBabeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! First off, come through for the Throwback Thursday Picture on a Tuesday! T. I. sitting there looking like a scrumptious scene from ATL the movie. 

In any case, who has the tea on what went down with TaTa and TiyTiy??? According to legend, TaTa made some comments regarding the T. I. & Tiny divorce that were out of line. Regardless, we know whatever it was, Tiny wasn’t having it. 

Now tell us! 

  1. Does Tamar’s post seem sincere?
  2. Would you accept her apology?
  3. Do you think Tiny and T. I. can work it out?

T.I. is being Sued, AGAIN!

According to the rumor mill, T.I. is being sued for skipping out on a high school graduation party.  According to TMZ, Daddy Tip missed a scheduled gig at a graduation bash in Florida, and the event organizers are looking to recoup the $390,000 spent on booking and marketing.

Get into this tea! Planet Productions claims to have been weary of booking Tip due to the shooting at his concert at New York City’s Irving Plaza in May. #GurlBye…… The Hustle Gang leader’s people reportedly convinced Planet Productions that the show wouldn’t result in violence.

To their dismay, Planet Productions says Tip never showed up, despite being paid $90,000 to perform. The company also claims that it spent $300,000 on marketing.

  1. We pray T.I. is okay
  2. We agree he owes them the Booking fee back
  3. No one told their asses to spend 300k on Marketing!
  4. We wanna see the receipts.
  5. We don’t believe it!

T. I. gets Sued by those looking for a Pay Day!

We hate to say it, however, the question is, are they only suing because he is T. I.?
Tip is catching heat for his latest venture Scales925. Former employees of the downtown eatery Scales 925 are suing the recording artist, also known as Clifford Harris Jr., for unpaid wages, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Harris and business partner Charles Hughes are listed as defendants.
The suit was filed in the United States Northern District of Georgia on Tuesday. Twelve plaintiffs are citing the Fair Labor Standards Act and claim they were deprived of owed wages in a number of ways. 

Here we go, first off, are they mad because they didn’t make the grade? Or, is this real? Furthermore, why these 12?
Hughes’s unscrupulous business practices listed in the complaint include:
Withdrawing money from employees’ paychecks to pay Georgia payroll taxes, without actually paying said taxes. (How they know what was paid? By the way, you just let him take money out your check.)
Depositing money from the restaurant into his personal bank account, causing paychecks to bounce. (Oh now somebody telling. Come on now, who has the proof for this transaction? Cuz they snitching.)
Deleting overtime hours from the restaurant’s payroll software and failing to compensate employees for overtime work. (Chileeeeeeeeeee! We hope they got their hours written down!) 
Coercing employees to work off the clock for three hours “before they were allowed to go home.” (Really. They COERCED Grown Ass Adults to be Slaves?????)

The former employees are seeking a jury trial. While no specific dollar amount is listed in the complaint, they’re asking for payment of lost wages and attorney fees, plus liquidated, nominal, and punitive damages. (That’s a lot for a few hours and some missed lunches!!!!) 
Tell these hoes to go get a Candy Bar and get happy!

Iffy, I Mean Iggy Bye Bytch!

Dis Bytch Gotta GO!  

It started like this, T.I. stopped by Hot 97′s Ebro In the Morning, ostensibly to discuss his new EP DA’NIC, and his forthcoming tenth album, THE DIME TRAP. But his widely-circulated COMMENTS were about Iggy Azalea, the white, Australian rapper whom he helped ferry into hip-hop’s mainstream. After a 2014 that scored her multiple hits and a laundry list of awards show nominations, this year has been a letdown full of CANCELLED TOURS and FALSE STARTS on a sophomore album. Perhaps most troublingly to the Grand Hustle boss, she’s been constantly at war with other rappers on Twitter, repeatedly getting defensive when confronted with her whiteness. (Britney Spears also threw shots at Azalea when the latter complained about their collaboration, “Pretty Girls,” BRICKING.) Now, Iggy is taking to Twitter in an attempt to set the record straight:

  It remains to be seen how the matter of Azalea’s record contract and working relationship with T.I. is resolved.

Gurl shut da fukk up with you ungrateful ass.