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Africa Miranda and Kimberly Lachelle Launch “Beautifully Driven!”

In recent TV World moves, luxury audio brand Harman Kardon, along with social influencers Africa Miranda and Kimberly Lachelle, hosted a launch party for the new web series “Beautifully Driven,” a four-episode showcase of women who have “found their lane.” Guests packed Bravo Ocean Studios on a rainy evening to preview the premiere episode, browse new products in the Harman Kardon Suite, check out the latest Optima, Cadenza and Niro Touring vehicles from Kia Motors and enjoy soulful performances from talented singer-songwriters India Shawn and Chantae Cann.
Attendees included Caroline Fratacci (Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist, HARMAN), John Dominguez (Product Communications/Social Media Manager, Kia Motors America), Nadia Hernandez(Director of Multicultural Engagement, Zeno Group), Tomorrow Pictures producers Ellen Barnard and Frederick Taylor; singer-choreographer Victor Jackson, recording artist Delra Harris, stylist/tv personality LaKenya Morris and many more. Special thanks to Bravo Ocean Studios, DJ Poizon Ivy, and Talero Organic Tequilas.
Powered by Kia Motors, “Beautifully Driven” is co-created by Africa Miranda and Kimberly Lachelle and produced by Tomorrow Pictures.
The series can be found on beautifullydriven.com.

Grammys 2017: The Beyonce, Adele, and Chance The Rapper Takeover

This is not for the meek. We are going to keep it all the way real and go all the way in. Brace yourself as this will be a session of Grammy Truth 101.

  1. The Grammys were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too LONG!
  2. Paris Jackson looked so Basic
  3. Adele STORMED the night  with her wins but left her singing voice in the Limo
  4. Beyonce’ was Utter Slayage
  5. Bruno Mars KILLED the Prince tribute
  6. Chance The Rapper was on a whole nother Level
  7. Solange looked amazing for her 37 seconds of airtime
  8. Katy Perry was Awesome
  9. J. Lo is a Sex Goddess and her dress was oh so perfect on her
  10. Jason Derulo looked like he was at a Ski Resort
  11. John Leged was awesome
  12. Neil Diamond still has it
  13. Faith Hill looked so Beautiful

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get down to Business.

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy looked so cute in their evening attire. It has been said that Blue Ivy was channeling her inner Prince with the Gucci effect.

Everyone on our timeline was waiting for Beyonce to hit the stage. In all honesty, all we remember prior to that is Chance the Rapper winning a lot of awards (Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance). LoL!


When Beyonce hit the stage a lot of fans were confused by her effect. Some were praising the Goddess look and others were wanting her to try again. While scrolling down twitter we found the following explanation for the effect and thought it was interesting enough to share.


Now, on to the effect:

What are your thoughts on the effect Queen-Yonce gave???

As we move to the main awards for the night, at least in our opinion.

  • Album Of The Year- Adele
  • Song of the Year- Adele
  • Record of the Year- Adele

Chileeeeeeee, when this came out the Bey-Hive went into a stir. No shade to Adele, “Hello” was an amazing song and “25” was a dope album, however, “Lemonade” SLAYED for the Music GODZZZZZ and was the Talk of Pop Culture for months. Fans felt Bey was shaded by the Grammy Panel. Take a look at the reaction from Gabrielle Union after the Adele streak:


Your Thoughts????

Furthermore, some interesting facts were dropped on twitter last night. Not that everything is race driven, however, this breakdown made us wonder:



Though Rihanna took home no awards, the Navy showed out with their support for her outfit. No shade, the top was cute, but the skirt could have stayed on the table she pulled it off of.

We love us some Ri-Ri, but the skirt is def on our No Go list.

In any case, we didn’t see Kelly Rowland but thanks to Solange we got to see her at the after party. Haaaaaaaaay Kelly!

All in all, the Grammys were way too long for no reason at all. Congrats to all the Winners and those who received Nominations. And, in honor of the award giving, our Favorite Pics of the Night Award goes to……….

What are your thoughts on the 2017 Grammys? Good, Bad, or Indifferent.

Fall TV Show Reviews! Who made the List?

It’s Friday Night and it’s time to talk Fall TV. Though we haven’t seen every show we want to, we can start with the few we have seen. 

Here’s our disclaimer. This is our unbiased opinion. It is All Truth, No Shade!

Scream Queens:

  • Hit us with a BANG. 
  • Great First Episode. 
  • Great Recap
  • Amazing Twist
  • Love the new Eye Candy
  • Overall 10/10

We wasn’t expecting for Scream Queens to take off like it did. One of our big questions was, how would they come back. It should have been no surprise that Ryan Murphy had something up his sleeve and boy was it something. 

Fav scene: The last scene when _____ and _____ are in the room with _____ and……. Oh yeah. We can’t wait for episode 2. 

American Horror Story: Roanoke Colony

  • Thrilling
  • Scary
  • Superb
  • Bone chilling
  • Edge of your seat ride
  • Overall 10/10

Let’s be honest. AHS: Roanoke has us scared to sleep alone. This twisted thriller has found a way to make the ordinary scary and the scary terrifying. 

Taking a new approach on the episode within an episode, we get a look at the then and now with the individuals involved. This provides an added draw as you get to follow the story while reliving it. Yet again Ryan Murphy has knocked it out the park. 

Fav Scene: One Word “MURDE” (where’s the R?)


  • Breathtaking
  • Thrill ride
  • Shocking
  • Sexy
  • Overall 8/10

New to the line up this season, Notorious gives us Scandal the Remix. 

Episode 1 hits us with a blow by blow play of love, lies, media, and betrayal. However, we get it served direct and with a hidden alliance. This show thus far has the potential to be a season favorite. At least the first 50 minutes of it did. LoL!

Fav Scene: When the truth behind the Tale of the Sleeping Driver comes to the light. 


  • Stale
  • Slow
  • Basic
  • Stylish
  • Funny
  • Overall 6/10

Empire hit us with another less than favorable episode 1. We found out who was thrown off the roof, why, and how. We seen the wedding that never was. Cookie and Anika are back at war. Hakeem is still crying. Andre is still crazy. Bre-Z is still missing. Jamal has made Lucious mad yet again. And the best part of it all, Lucious’s mother is slaying everyone at their ankles. 

This episode did lay a solid foundation for this season, however, in comparison to other season premieres, it gets a “Doesn’t Meet Expectations!”

Fav Scene: “Lucious, what is your half brother doing here?” Oh yeah. The family is expanding in more ways than 1. 

Exciting week and TV and we aren’t even all caught up on the DVR. Sound off bookers! Let us know what shows you enjoyed. Which you hated. Most of All, which made your Must See list for Fall 2016. 

Has @FreefallSeries Fallen???? The kids are speaking OUT!!!!!!!

For those whom may not be too caught up on YouTube TV let me catch you up!

Band of Artist also known as BOA present themselves as follows:  “BAND of ARTISTS is a filmmaking collective made up of three “brothers in art” and based in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta. BOA believes in providing EDGY, DIVERSE and COMPELLING content for film, television and the web while seeking to be a resource and inspiration to artists new and old who are committed to defying the odds and creating their own artistic revolution.”

These brothers gave the Youtube world “Freefall” the Series!

4This series is about some boys, who are gay, and something or another.  I don’t know, here’s how they classify it: “For these guys, their lives are enhanced, not defined, by their sexuality. Follow as they are lured into the dark side of Atlanta’s street life.” More recently with the introduction of Season: 2 they state:

6“The hit crime drama series is back! Season 2 has the guys coping with new acquaintances, changing relationships and retribution from past decisions. Reality is distorted and salvation is a fairy tale. This time its do or die.”

Now, I will admit:

5Season 1 was cute or whatever! The Eye Candy was Pleasing. The Story was Juicy. And, the Scandal was the TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eye Candy
Eye Candy

I don’t know what happened with Season 2 but, Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it has LOST it! The Eye Candy is still there, but the story is a bore. I tell you no lie, I was KNOCKED out in the name watching the last episode. Between the stay in Miami and the New Elements, they have not only lost their CORE but they lost their niche for what drew the viewers.

I wasn’t going to say anything but when the Comments went to the heights of ALL heights, I had to speak now or forever hold my non-peace!

Free FallI am no more good. All I know is No Shade to BOA or Freefall but can I get the Original Ingredients back???? Please remove this current recipe……

Now, in TrueSlamBook Tradition! Here’s your Eye Candy: