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TSB Review: Too Be Frank

I will admit, we are late as hell but we finally got to see Episode 4 of “Too Be Frank!”

This episode hit home for everyone as Frank tackled beauty, the meaning of, and hiding behind a filter! Or, so we thought!

Ha. Yes! This episode is not for the Basics or Uglies. LoL. 

The team watched it as a collective and here’s our TRUTH:

  • Franklin has the weakest friends. Except for Demi. We love us some Demi. 
  • We love the elevated use of Twitter to feed Frank’s thoughts. I think we laughed more at the Tweets than the dialogue. 
  • We need Frank to throw the blue hat away. LoL! No need to hide the Hair-Don’t. LoL!
  • The singer boy got us all in our emotions. His voice Slayed. 
  • Today’s word of the day was “Snatched!” LoL. Y’all know Frank don’t know the lingo. Or, so he says. Oop. 
  • Ooh, where did Santana come from???? Heeeeeeeyyyyyy Santana!
  • Why is Franklin scared to talk to boys? Isn’t He tired of being a NYC Virgin. LoL

Franklin delivers another good episode. The show has really grown Episode by episode. Franklin is growing into NYC and it’s looking good on him. The racial undertones in this episode were done in a comedic way to not offend anyone. With all the racial tension in society, to see it addressed with relation to dating and fitting in makes it just enough for the viewer base. 

Get into episode 4 Below and make sure you stay through the credits to see Episode 5………