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Re-Meet Kelsey Nykole (Who?)

Take a trip with us. In winter 2013 we were alerted to the New Season of VH1’s Couples Therapy. This specific season was so anticipated as the legend Ghostface Killer was going to be on there with his significant other, Kelsey Nykole.   As the stories begin to spread, the general consensus was:

We’re still wrapping our minds around Ghostface Killah of the mighty Wu-Tang Clan being on VH1’s Couples Therapy, but yes, it’s really happening. Ghost Deini’s love interest is Kelsey Nykole, and she is an interesting character, to say the least.

Our sources tell us the Kelsey Nykole, aka The Midwest Princess, is from Indianapolis, Indiana. She and her two sisters also had a rep for being ’bout that life and down to scrap if anyone tried to disrespect. Interestingly, she is in her mid-20s while Ghostface is 43-years-old. (Source: Hip Hop Wired)

Fast Forward the whole season and we find out that Kelsey was the sideline and it was all a dream.  

 Kelsey used her time on the show to launch her then non existing music career.  She began hitting red carpets and was an instant fan favorite as all the sideline hoes felt her pain.  

 Upon her relocating from the Mid West to Atlanta, her unique hair style and girl next door beauty allowed for her to become a part of the inner circle.  

 From videos, 

 To the company she kept. She was the IT girl. 

Fast forward a few weeks. As the saying goes, “Out of Sight Out of Mind.” The launch to fame quickly sizzled when the release of her Introductory Single failed to even get a glimpse at a chart.  

 From over 1000 likes to 89. She couldn’t feel her legs but we couldn’t feel her movement.  

 Refusing to give up, she took it to another level.  

She found her a Web Designer and took her brand to a new level.  

What level you ask? We have no idea as she still didn’t sale no bookoo records.

After taking a break and hiding in the studio, she hit the circuit again hosting events 

Still holding on to the VH1 Brand 3 WHOLE YEARS LATER, Kelsey and all 65 of her likes was Hosting “The Hookah Hideaway!” Pause! According to reports, the Hookah Hideaway only holds 9 people at a time. Resume!

Now, after 3 Years, 16 hairstyles, 1 single, 9 attempts later. Kelsey Nykole is here with her Re-Introduction.  

Okay, Bookers, you know what time it is………

  1. In order to be RE-INTRODUCED doesn’t that infer that you have been introduced previously? 
  2. Does being in the Shadow of Ghostface count as an Introduction?
  3. Did she learn how to sing since the first single?
  4. Can she feel her legs now?
  5. Who let Claudia Jordan with her long chin and 47 likes stamp somebody?
  6. Wtf is a Snapchat Saturday?
  7. Is this her Release Party with the Freeflyers.com drag and drop artwork?
  8. Why the material already on CD Baby and we ain’t been Introduced yet?
  9. Can we call her Manager?
  10. Who are those features that she named? Do that chart anything?
  11. Is this a early April Fools joke?

In other news, we have Introduced you to the remembrance of Kelsey Nykole. #TSB

The True TEA. No Honey. Extra Tea Leaf about @LivingAdrene


In case you have been out of the loop, say hello to Adrene Ashford. Adrene is Fashion Stylist and recent breakout star from the reality series “Sorority Sisters” that aired on Vh1 a few weeks back and was canceled a few weeks later. #TrueTea

Throughout the few weeks of a Season we at #TSB kept out mouths shut just to see what the kick back was going to be. Well here is our rundown:

Adrene was the Fav.
MeToya was Lost.
Priyanka was the Hoodratt.
Shannon was the White girl who didn’t wanna be known as the White girl but was still a white girl.
April was Thirsty.
Everyone else was Void.

There’s your re-cap of the whole Season. Now, recently we seen a posting on Adrenes Instagram (Adrenes IG)that lead to this post. The comment said “HaHa. Was it worth it? Now your career is over.” Like the Lady she is Adrene didn’t say anything but Babeeeeeeeeeeeeee her Fans went IN.


Now you know we here at #TrueSlamBook.com like to Mind our Own Business. However, this one time I had to make an exception. Adrene was Adrene before Sorority of No Sisters and she will be Adrene after. This California Beauty is a #Fashion Beast. From Film to TV to Music Videos, she does it all. Truth be told (clears throat) she bout the ONLY one who was relevant before the show.

Now, though we may not reside in Atlanta we frequent the City. Every time we are there and take a trip down Peter St. “House of Adrene” (H. O. A) which is the Couturé Boutique owned by Adrene is NEVER pressed for customers. We’ve even seen her On a few Sets in the L. A. area.

All in all, let us end with this. To hate on a person based on perception is a sign of Weakness. So the show wasn’t Perfect, Bytch neither is You. Let me follow you with a camera 24/7 then Edit the Footage how I want to without you knowing. I bet you some of your TRUTHS will came out too you Raggedy Ann Doll Face Bytch. #ThatIsAll