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Jumping in mud with UNRELEASED Adidas NMD Pharrell – Holi Festival

Jumping in mud with these exclusive NMDs and left to dry for a full 24 hours! Check out how well the Crep Protect cleaner performed.

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Dru Hill is Back and the Fans are Talking

Dru Hill has released their new visual for “Favorite Time of the Year” and the fans are playing no games. This holiday themed visual is getting mixed reviews from the Dru Hill Lovers…

Before we show you the video, we must advise you that time has NOT been good to most of these members……… #TrueTea


Why is Sisqo still kicking and swinging like he trying out for a Jackie Chan movie?

Is there an Age Limit to when you can NO LONGER hit the “Yeet?”

Is it us, or is Woody missed dearly?

Why is the newest member so FINE and youthful? (and they are all close in age)

Is Nokia going for the David Banner effect?

Jazz……….. Dear sweet, Vocal Slating Jazz………. #WeWillStopThere

Overall, we love the song. The visual is a little bland for what we have grown to know and expect from Dru Hill. The vocals are still stellar. SisQo needs Botox. Nokia needs Just For Men. Jazz needs some Celery and Newbie needs to call us for a Date. LoL!

We love you Dru Hill…………..

***Did you all get into the comments under the video????***

Christmas in Baltimore

Coline Creuzot “High Life” Official Video

One of the team favorites, Coline Creuzot has released the visual for High Life as her Fall Visual. Take a look and let us know what you think.


Tami Roman and Brandon Anthony “District”

Recently, BawnTV released the inside look at their new series entitled, “District!” District stars, Reality TV Fav, Tami Roman and Social Media Eye Candy, Brandon Anthony. Written by Tyson Anthony and Directed by Anthony Bawn, District is Saud to shed light on the life of a bi-sexual male coming to terms with his sexuality and dealing with his internal and external challenges. 

No shade, you know we always get the inside scoop and can give you that inside tea, even if only a sip. However, with this one, Anthony Bawn of BawnTV is being real secretive so the tea is still in the kettle. 

Brandon AnthonyIn any case, get into the sneak peak that isn’t really a peak as it is so much a Q&A and tell us what you think!

Did you catch who was in a scene with a new mustache????? Ahhhhhh Shytt. He’s growing up!

#TSB Review: Split Personality “Dreams”

We received an email from a representative for the group Split Personality and you know we had to do what we do best….

Split-Personality is an American Hiphop Duo from Oklahoma City, OK, consisting of Singer/Songwriter 2Much  (Antonio Taylor) and Rapper Lee’Ru (Michael Allen). Since it formation in 2013, the group released 10 “Top 100 Singles” (audiomack.com) and one Extended Play.


Since the group’s inception,  Split-Personality had toured 4 different states on some of the biggest platforms and showcases. In 2015 alone  the two have shared stages with the likes of Strange Music’s Ces Cru, Tone Trump, and Short Dawg just to name a few.  Headlining the Coast2Coast Dallas Edition, the lit up the legendary House of Blues and even traveled as far as Atlanta, Georgia to blazé the stage at ATLs Hip Hop Day and in early 2016 They moved to Atlanta to further maximize the potential realized by two brothers three short years ago.

With all that said, the video we received is entitled “Dreams.” It appears to be towards a female that they are feeling. Overall it’s an okay song. The added effects on the vocals was uncalled for, the song could have been real smooth without the hook sounding like Future’ past.

The visual of the video is BLAH! The brothers are cute but the main female is basic. Her dress cost $10.99 and she’s built like a kitchen cabinet. Her face is pretty but for such a song as this she needs to be a Baddie and that she is NOT.

According to the interns the brothers can get is after their next show. LoL!

Overall this “Dreams” the video gets a 3 out of 10. The song receives a 6 out of 10 as the hook is catchy and the song is very relate-able.

Press Play and tell us what you think!

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Inside the Mansion Party with Magic Music Management

Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta was more than a Movie, it was a Jungle. The combination of Luda Day Weekend, Black Gay Pride, and Labor Day itself, the city was packed to capacity and the Tourist wanted in to everything star studded.

Well, you didn’t hear it from us, however, Magic Music Management decided to host, what they entitled “The Ultimate Labor Day Bash.” However, don’t think it was public access. This mugg was invite ONLY. Get into it.

Paul Lewis, Ceo/Manager/Mogul hand picked the invite list. Along with that, from what we hear he watched the email invites like a hawk to ensure no off brands or knots were invited. Get into this process:

  1. Receive the Invite
  2. R.S.V.P
  3. Receive an Email advising of the Location
  4. Receive a follow up email explaining that the location provided is the pick-up location (you heard us, the PICK-UP location. You had to be shuttled to the Mansion)
  5. The DAY OF the event, you received an updated email advising of the NEW meet location

Now, we don’t have any proof, however, it would be fair to assume that the real meet-up address may not have been sent to ALL who RSVP’d.

In any case, on to this star studded event! Between us, you know a few of the #TSB reps ended up in the party. The event was hosted by ET of Hot 107.9’s Durrty Boys and DJ Tonee. Upon arriving you hit the “Redland” carpet which was a Red Carpet times Infinity. This Red Carpet was covered by Stream ATL and provided a full interactive experience. Along with this, the guest list was NOTHING but VIP’s. VIP guests included legendary NWA producer Rhythm D, 2 Crucial, and performance coach Kia E. to name a few. The Redland’s guests enjoyed complimentary southern classics prepared by Chef Marlo, such as chicken & biscuits, collard green egg rolls, & macaroni & cheese croquettes.  Yes Gawd! When we tell you the food was to the MAX. Chef Marlo knows just how to win the Heart of All. The amazing food was washed down with the aptly themed “Whiskey Peach” & “Insomnia” cocktails. As you know, we never drink while on the job, but this is one time we had to make an exception. All we can say is the Insomnia lead to a night fit for a Queen and/or King… You get our drift!

While on site we had a chance to catch up with Paul Lewis himself, the man with the master plan.  Quiet as it’s kept Paul didn’t know who we were so we had the chance to see him for who he really is. No shade, he is the coolest Mogul we have met to date. Very down to earth, humble business savvy and according to a few of the interns, FINE! LoL. For those who don’t know the extend of his brand, let’s get into his Tea. The REAL Tea:

Paul Lewis: Specializing in re-branding, & image/brand development,  every client he touches levitates, leaving their paul-lewis-fine-assaudiences craving even more. His allies include tech wiz / Grammy nominated producer/ Artist Ryan Leslie , Atlanta’s ET, and Katy Perry model turned singer Richie Nuzz. Founding Magic Music Management in 2014, Paul Lewis presented the industry with a full-service entertainment company, inclusive of artist, songwriters, producers and engineer management; music publishing; touring  & merchandising; film & television; new business ventures; and a music label. It is home to a diverse roster comprised of critically acclaimed recording artists, writers and producers. For all business branding check out MMMGT’s sister company Magic Media Management.

Enough about Paul, back to this Mansion Tea. Get into the photos & footage provided by Stick TV. Look closely and see if you see the #TSB team anywhere in the pics. Also, if you was there, comment and tell us how you liked it.

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