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M. I. L. F. Money

Good Evening! On this edition of who broke the Internet the award goes to………………………

Fergie Fergalicious Ferg
If by chance you missed her World Domination, please get into it:

Yes Lawd! Fergie called her girls out to play. 

  • Mother
  • I’d
  • Like
  • To
  • Fuck

Based on the video, we are torn between its premise. Is it

  1. A Female Empowerment Track
  2. A Jump Off Anthem
  3. A Meeting of the Has Beens
  4. A strong representation of Beautiful Mothers

Overall, the video gets a 10/10. Fergie slayed. The song is lit. The visuals are amazing. The song is perfect for the season. And, of course, Fergie can do no wrong!

What are your thoughts?? 

Battle of the Blogging Bytches

Chileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, let the Tea begin to Brew. Recently, as we were scrolling through twitter we came across the story, “Blogger Beef: ATLien Michelle Brown vs Funky Dineva” by Cypher Avenue. Babeeeeeeeeeeeee, in case you missed it. I need you to review his perfectly crafted Non-Bias post.

Bless his heart for that post. However, we here at #TSB believe that the truth shall set one free so we tell it how it is. With that said, SHE STARTED it with this:

Upon reading this information we hit up Funky Dineva online and came across this video of Tea SPILLING.

Now, allow us to give it to you like this. Though we do not take sides as the entire team knows both parties involved in the matter, here is the True Slam.

  • Michelle-ATLien-Brown-Funky-Dineva-060412Michelle is a sweetheart. She is a person who yearns to be loved and loves to be the center of love. She isn’t one who is easy to infiltrate as she is very standoffish if you are not a part of her circle. However, once you are in her circle she is a warm spirit.
  • Funky Dineva is just what the doctor ordered. He is sweet, charming, funny as hell and a lover of life. He speaks to everyone and treats everyone with equal respect.

On the flip side

  • Michelle acts as tho she is better than most. Her standoffish ways can really make it seem as if she has a “Better Than You” complex. She has lost a lot of weight and looks amazing but it is clear that her self-esteem isn’t that of a higher level.
  • On a personal note, Michelle presents a “Need Me” aura. She tends to hang with those who she feels she can either dominate or they will be very loyal to her and she won’t have any competition from any of their other friends.
  • Funky Dineva is known to be a recreational drug user. In all fairness, it’s 2016 so he who is without sin cast the first stone. Exactly! Love him down and we have seen him lit, however, we have not ever seen him to a point where he is out of control or not handling his business.images
  • Funky Dineva is a pleaser, he tends to want to keep those he loves happy. This is what gets him into such situations. He will put himself to the side and tend to his friends, ie: helping Michelle with her headache knowing the rent she was requesting was too fukken high for what he was getting.
  • No shade, we have been to the townhouse a few times and the floors have always looked like 12 years as a Slave. The rugs Dineva put down and the Murphys Oil Soap he used helped to hide a lot, but chile she know she needed them floors done. The place was cute, but certainly not worth more than $900.00 a month.

One of the interns made a point, they stated that if it was all about business why is it that Michelle seems so salty towards Funky Dineva?

With reference to the video that Dineva posted. Chleeeeeeeeeeeeee, if the TEA was not brewing the fuck out of the pot.

  1. Hate to admit it but most of the team believes it ALL. EVERY word he said.
  2. Why did we just sit here and play Dr. Google? When he EVER focused so much on her Fishy Poom. We need to find out if she has “Trimethylaminuria
    1. What is fish odor syndrome (trimethylaminuria)? Trimethylaminuria is a disorder in which the body is unable to break down trimethylamine, a compound derived from the diet that has a strong odor of rotting fish.
    2. What causes fish odor syndrome (trimethylaminuria)? Although gene mutations account for most cases of trimethylaminuria, the condition can also be caused by other factors. A fish-like body odor may result from an excess of certain proteins in the diet or from an increase in bacteria that normally produce trimethylamine in the digestive system. A few cases of the disorder have been identified in adults with liver or kidney disease. Temporary symptoms of this condition have been reported in a small number of premature infants and in some images (2)healthy women at the start of menstruation
  3. Bishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  4. Kudos to Dineva for the Apology to Sheree. She deserved it because he had dragged her through the MUD in the name of reading. However, look who was at the root of it.

Slambookers, we have to ask you………

images (4)



Bishh…. From Roadway to Runway, She a Hoe

Listen……………………… When we check our emails, we are use to being surprised by what we see……. The truth is nothing surprises us anymore. However, this good Special Brew, Lemon Enhanced, Blueberry Infused Iced Tea right here ………………… Nothing could prepare you for this….

Being in and out of the Atlanta area we are always meeting new artist, models, talent, and liars. A few years back we met a young lady and her music was popping. She was starting to get a buzz and we just knew we would be seeing her on some award shows within the next 24 months.

Fast Forward to recently, artist Zoey Clarke has hit the Media and babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, they called this diva out…. Now, last we heard from her she had dropped a project entitled “Runway Reloaded” and no shade chile, we was rocking.


Well chile, I guess them 643 views weren’t paying the bills cuz now they tryna say she selling cookies from her personal cookie jar.

Catch what was sent in:

image (1) image Screenshot_2015-04-25-13-42-11 Screenshot_2015-04-25-13-42-21

Bishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, on her track “The Story of a Girl” she tells you her daddy didn’t love her so much…. Could that have lead to this???

Now, No Shade… You know we here at True Slam Book tell it like it is……. Here it goes!!!!!

  • According to Zoey Clarkes fat publicist who don’t know what the fukk she’s doing, this is fake. It was a scandal started by a hater a few years back.. Bytch, if Zoey don’t fire the shytt out of her 1. For saying that and 2. For not putting an end to this shytt…. What type of Publicist is she?????
  • Zoey Clarke betta own it, bytch if you are the Absolute Best then you betta make it do what it do. Serveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  • $150.00 an Hour….. Bytch them must be 60 minutes in Heaven.
  • Zoey ain’t got no Body  so no shade, but the interns said they would do $1.37 an hour.
  • Why she look scared in that Mug Shot? Not with them Edges. Bytch you Gangsta.
  • Someone said she was Born a Man, bytch place an order and tell me what you learn.
  • Who is Kahryn Bih?

All in all, we love us some Zoey rather she on the Runway or the Hoe Stroll. She is still our EDM friend…. By the way, what this bytch been up to since 2014?


Daron from 112 vs. Adele

Now, we tried our hardest not to do this but it got to a point of no return.

After 3.36 MILLION Albums sold in week 1, I’m sure we are all verse in Adele’s recent comeback single entitled “Hello.” Recently, R&B Legend Daron Jones of the Famed Group 112. You know Daron. The one who wishes he was Slim and tries to sing like Michael Keith. Yeah Gurl. That Daron. Well anyways, doing what he does best lately, he did a COVER to Adele’s “Hello.”

Now let me say this:

  1. Covers on a Regular Basis are for Independent Artist seeking to gain notoriety from Mainstream songs that are popular.
  2. It allows an artist to showcase their talent and introduce themselves to the Famed Artist’ Base.
  3. It is NOT suppose to be for 90’s hasbeens attempting to hold on to what once was. Especially when the WORLD knows who they are and that they are an Amazing Talent.
  4. I feel Daron is:
  5. Too Legendary for such shananagians.
  6. Too Famous for such executions.
  7. Too old for entry level tactics.

In any case, he did the cover and all of a sudden………. Bytchhhhhhh! His Instagram Timeline was FILLED with:

Bytch da Fukk?????? All I could say was, 

Now listen, before I read. Get into it for yourself:

Now! Here are the facts


  1. He sounded nice
  2. Smooth execution
  3. Too many runs
  4. He started whining after a while
  5. He is nothing close to Adele
  6. Joe’s Cover was better with his crying ass
  7. I was bored after the first 45 seconds
  8. All his fans who said his version sounded better then Mother Deles need to be slapped
  9. If he sound so good why didn’t   sell 3.36 Million Copies?
  10. He still ain’t no Michael Keith
  11. He finally sound better than Slim
  12. He still sexy tho

In any case, we here at TrueSlamBook.com are not haters as I know some are calling us. Bytch u know we keep it REAL.

Now, on another note, when’s the next 112 album dropping?

Scrappy vs. William

Lil’ Scrappy isn’t exactly a Wendy Williams fan. Scrappy believes she’s out to destroy and go against her own people. He brought up the fact that she had negative comments to say about Missy Elliott, the Married To Medicine cast, Bill Cosby and others. Lil’ Scrappy claims she bashes blacks but praises all of the other races. Scrappy says,

“Love u cause you’re black but hate the way u act.”

Some fans sided with Lil’ Scrappy as they pointed out all of the negativity on her show. Other fans brought Scrappy up-to-date by reminding him that Wendy has been talking sh*t about people for 20 plus years, and she doesn’t discriminate with her hate and shade. Well unfortunately for Lil’ Scrappy and those that feel the same, Wendy’s contract has been renewed through 2022.


@JayCobz_Babay Know he was WRONG

As you all know, we are always searching the internet in hope of new things. Today we came across a song by JayCobz. Now, it’s now imagessecret that we love us a good Reggae Track here at #TSB. However, who the fuck told him to use this girl as Not only the LEAD girl but the ONLY girl in the Damn video???????

Before we proceed, see for yourself:

Published on Oct 26, 2015

Repost!! Repost!!! Repost!! Can You Dutty Wine?? Download & Post Your Own Version..
Dutty Wine New Music❗️❗️❗️ ️️️ @JayCobz_Babay ft @KeilMusic
Can de Gals dem Dutty Wine?! http://bit.ly/1LXL1PX
Download Song & Post YOUR own Dutty Wine Version!!
#KeilMusic #JayCobz #dancehall #newmusic #jamaica #dancehallqueen #duttywine
#like4like #follow4follow #l4l #ff #instafollow #tagsforlikes #followback

Okay, now that you lived through that, let’s talk.

  1. Who told her she can Wine Pon De Wall?2a2892a8546e75495072b7b2de76ce5c
  2. Who told her she had Ass?
  3. Who told her she was in the running for Dancehall Queen?
  4. Who told her she was KILLIN it?
  5. Was that suppose to be the Dutty Wine?
  6. Is this Real?

3072829c2c1e34e897be87bea16cece01009cc00b2de18e6bd1687a961f76545In all honesty, if you close your eyes and ignore her the song is rocking. It’s sad how a Bad video can make you not go buy the song because it will remind you of the bad visual. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I almost played this song at my party tonight for my staff. I guess not.

If any of our readers know this artist, please tell him to call 1-800-Help-A-Hoe and re-shoot this video. I hope she’s not related to him. #NoShade, but this is an Epic FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He shoulda called the girls back from “I Like That!”



JayCobz_I_LIKE_THAT_188712349_thumbnailOn another note, Jay Cobz is cute as shytt tho according to the staff. I know a few ladies who wanna Dutty Wine Pon his Stick……….