What is True Slam Book

True Slam Book is Not your Typical Slambook… Have you ever wanted to tell someone that their Baby is Ugly? Or, tell your Bestfriend their Style is Lateeeeeeeee? But the Human in you won’t allow you to???? Welcome to True Slam Book….

True Slam Book is the place you can Submit a Pic, Post, Show, almost anything and our staff will Break it D O W N….. All if Fair in Love and Slam and we Vow to tell out True Opinion and nothing but our TRUE OPINION…..

True Slam Book is not meant to hurt or belittle anyone in any way shape or form, however, we all know the Truth Hurts the Worse!!!!!!! Brace yourself as this in more than just a Slam Book…. This is, True Slam Book!!!!!!

The Creator of True Slam Book is an Entertainment Industry Insider and has access to some of the Hottest Gossip, Events, and Tea… Get Ready as Slam War has just Begun!!!!!!!

Send ALL Submissions to: TrueSlamBook@gmail.com

Tweet Us: https://twitter.com/TrueSlamBook

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"All is Fair in Love and Slam"

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